IDoBlog Free Edition
simple component for creating blog-based social networks

with the option of personal blog building for Joomla! CMS version 1.5.2 and higher.

In fact, the IDoBlog is a universal builder. On the base of it you can easily configure any ready-to-use solutions for the websites of a certain theme. For example, the IDoBlog perfectly fits to create a dating website, a personal or corporate blog, a news portal, an academic website, a fan-club, a support service, etc. There are many ways to use and apply the IDoBlog. Throw away your stereotypes, look at the IDoBlog from various points of view and find your innovative solution.

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IDoBlog - blog for Joomla! 1.5.x. IDoBlog - is not just a blog, this is a full blog system containing profiles, commenting system and multiuser blogs system without any additional. Using IDoBlog commenting system you can organise not linear discussion, with branches.

Why IDoblog?

To create a personal blog or community, one no longer has to pick up various components, configure them, test for compatibility and correct bugs. You don't have to buy additionally any commenting system, extended profiles, personal messages system and other modules and components. The IDoBlog is a self-sufficient component containing all the necessary functionality and the rich resources for creating a blog of any size - from a compact personal blog to a vast social network. Simply install the IDoBlog on your website and make your blog as you wish.

How To Create A Website

When trying learn how to create a website try using a website builder.  This will reduce your learning curve and provide a quick and easy way to make your own website.  Some even have eCommerce software that will help you setup your own online web store.

IDoBlog options

  • Separate rss-feed for each blog
  • Friends feeds
  • Buit-in commenting system, using a powerfull comments editor with BB-code
  • Ability to make branches in discussion
  • Friends management system
  • Easy navigation through the pop-up menu
  • Easy and intuitively form for new articles writing
  • Separate image file archive for each user
  • Article tagging system
  • Flexible new comments and post notification system
  • The minimum amount of load on the server, using ajax inserts;
  • Built-in templates management system
  • Multiuser blogging
  • SEF-links and bread-crumbs
  • Users can publish Google Adsense ads in they personal blog

and much more!

Translated on many languages

The community of users and developers of the IDoBlog is growing and becoming more friendly. Thanks to our friends and associates throughout the world the IDoBlog already "speaks" 9 languages: English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Brazilian, Norwegian, Ukrainian. We are happy that our users from around the world are taking the initiative and helping us with the translation. In the end, who would make the better translation besides the native speaker? ;-)) If you would like to translate the IDoBlog into your native language, please, contact us and we would make a new localization together.

Video lessons

we have prepared a video-lessons that helps you easily to get start your site with IDoBlog

Comments — work of commenting system

Link creation — how to create links in comments

RSS-feed — how to add RSS-feed button

Template chooser — how to selecting template to a separate blog

Google Adsence — how can user to install Google Adsence in his oun blog

IDoBlog on frontpage — you can display community, all or separate blogs on fronpage of your site

IDoBlog installation